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Energy Focused Maintenance

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions can offer structured equipment upgrade and renewal programmes financed from energy savings secured from existing facility management arrangements. Energy savings opportunities are generally greatest on sites where equipment and systems are dated.

For many clients with whom we work their maintenance regimes were characterised by:

  • Maintenance carried out by fragmented arrangement of mechanical, electrical and controls specialists
  • Often nobody tasked with monitoring systems energy performance and monitoring it
  • Energy efficiency of maintained systems generally not assessed
  • Maintenance visits arranged based on time rather than engineering needs
  • Maintenance regimes designed by maintenance contractor rather than end user
  • Existing systems operating at inappropriate flowrates and times and not scheduled to demand
  • Absence of correct system calibration resulting in wasted energy

The challenge for these sites was:

  • Increasing repair and maintenance costs associated with aging building services systems and components
  • Accessing finance to invest in upgrade of systems
  • Development of strategy for reduction in operational maintenance costs

The solution we have offered successfully to our clients have been the following:

  • An overhaul of their maintenance procurement and management regime
  • Energy efficient review of existing systems with upgrades based on priority and commercial return
  • Energy monitoring as a metric to determine when systems require maintenance as their power usage increases
  • Assessment of plant redundancy, over design identification and rationalization

The achievements of this solution have been:

  • An average of 20% savings in energy costs
  • Savings on maintenance costs through our procurement and management of the maintenance process
  • Savings on maintenance costs through optimization of operating schedules and servicing
  • Extended equipment life cycles through system re-commissioning
  • Demonstration of optimum efficiency in plant operation

Recent Project

energy focused maintenance

Pfizer Newbridge


Having assessed the site steam load requirements it was established that two of the 7.5 MW boilers were redundant to site requirements. This will represent annual savings on gas consumption in excess of 400,000 annually.

Services Provided:

Energy Audit.

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