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Energy Procurement and Bill Analysis

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions can offer advice on energy procurement. Current volatility in energy markets has made it now more than ever, vital to be proactive when it comes to energy procurement. Significant savings can be made through effective management of your energy contracts. Depending on market conditions savings of up to 20% of your annual energy costs are possible.

With a multitude of energy suppliers and tariff options it is getting increasingly difficult for businesses to ensure that they are on the most suitable tariff to suit their needs. From an initial energy usage and energy utility bill review we perform analysis of the most recent 12 months of energy consumption. This enables us to determine if you are on the most appropriate tariff structure. We are not aligned with any energy supplier and will offer impartial advice.

Following the bill analysis if we identify any areas in which there are abnormal loads we can carry out a full energy audit on your site

Outsourcing your energy procurement to us means we will collate all the information to produce detailed usage profiles for all of your sites to enable suppliers to effectively quote for your energy requirements. We will then compare quotes obtained on a “like for like” basis enabling you to make an informed decision.

We can also offer the following solutions to keep track of your energy usage:
  • Record your electricity, natural gas, LPG and oil consumption and costs from your bills for each month.
  • Calculate the associated greenhouse gases (GHGs).
  • Analyse your bills by breaking down the different cost elements in your tariff.
  • Present the above in graphical format including breakdown between day/night, unit charges, standing charges etc.
  • Present a summary of your total annual energy consumption, costs and GHGs.
  • Trend Year on Year changes in consumption, costs & GHGs (by fuel type)
  • Calculate, plot and trend Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) for each fuel type (including electricity).
  • Keep track of the energy costs in your facility, show you how you are doing compared to last year, and identify some of your cost reduction opportunities.
Energy Procurement and Bill Analysis

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