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Energy Project - Retail

Retail projects for the past 30 years have dominated our project portfolio. We understand intimately energy usage in retail and have a strong track record in implementing energy projects for retailers. This experience allows us to achieve energy savings in this sector that will not be achieved by other companies. From our experience in this sector we are also acutely aware of impact that store lighting and comfort can have on trade.

Retail stores energy usage is characterised by following:

  • Retail stores are very large energy users largely due to their long trading hours and large lighting and refrigeration loads.
  • High energy usage from lighting will account typically for 70% of electrical consumption in non food stores
  • Refrigeration can account for 60% of energy usage in food stores – higher at night when stores is closed !
  • Large heat losses from shop fronts and entrances
  • Poor control or inflexible systems which restrict energy reduction

The challenge for retailers in achieving energy reductions is:

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy carbon footprint without affecting sales
  • Provide adequate control on systems to allow potential energy reductions to be exploited
  • Upgrade old and inefficient systems – lighting, HVAC, refrigeration etc.
  • Obtain clarity on where, when and how energy is consumed in their store

Noel Lawler Green Energy can meet this challenge for customers by providing the following service:

  • Free Energy Audit
  • Site evaluation with ‘Guaranteed’ energy saving plan.
  • Site energy reductions of 20-40% depending on site parameters
  • Financing options for energy projects
  • Monitoring and control of site energy consumption
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Recent Project

Dunnes Stores

Dunnes Stores


Noel Lawler Green Energy have worked extensively with Dunnes Stores to reduce their energy usage leading to an award with SEAI - Sustainable Energy Awards 2009 Category D – Inspiring Energy Awareness Campaign for their energy reduction program which resulted in reduced annual electricity consumption by 17.4%.

Service Provided:

Mechanical, electrical, BMS and renewable energy consultancy.

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