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Energy Projects - Nursing Homes

If like many nursing home owners your operating costs are increasing through increased energy costs and you are struggling to meet your financial targets and carbon commitments, now is the time to act. Energy costs directly effect your profit margin and unless properly controlled will result in profit erosion.

Nursing homes have long operating hours and large energy costs. In a typical nursing home heating can account for 60% of the total energy costs. By employing our energy reduction strategies your heating load can be reduced by up to a third. Another large consumer of energy is lighting. On average, 25% of your electricity costs come from lighting. We have successfully cut these costs by a third. This has multiple benefits including reduced carbon footprint, improved working environment for your staff and improved living environment for your residents.

Primary areas of consumption where we can save you money include:

  • Pump systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • BMS and time scheduling
  • Staff training programmes
  • Lighting
  • General heating

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions can save your business money by cutting your energy costs.

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Recent Project

Oakdale Nursing Home

Oakdale Nursing Home


As a result of an energy audit it was found that the pumps on the heating installation were larger than was required. Following the installation of a invertors on the pumps. Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions have reduced its pumping power usage by 87.5% leading to a 30% reduction in heating costs.

Services Provided:

Energy Audit on existing heating installation.

Contact us now to see how much we can save your business.
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