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Energy Projects - Laboratories

Laboratories are high-energy users, consuming up to 10 times more energy per meter squared than commercial office buildings, therefore potential savings are high.
The main reasons for this high energy usage include:
  • Fume cupboards
  • High extract rates
  • Poor ventilation design
  • Density of equipment in laboratories
  • Poor energy management

With high extract rates associated with the fume cupboards it is important to ensure that the ventilation systems are correctly integrated together to guarantee maximum energy saving potential. The makeup air for laboratory fume cupboards and extract systems are often poorly controlled resulting in excessive ventilation. Changing from bypass fume cupboards with constant volume makeup systems to variable volume systems provide enormous opportunities for savings. Balanced demand based ventilation systems avoid discomfort in adjacent offices and ancillary areas with natural ventilation.

Fume cupboards should also be examined to determine the extract rate required to meet health and safety regulations rather than unnecessarily running them at full speed.

Primary areas of consumption where we can save you money include:

  • Pump systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • BMS and time scheduling
  • Staff training programmes
  • Lighting
  • General heating
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Recent Project

EPA Monaghan

EPA Monaghan


The thermal comfort issue in the office being resolved, while significant reductions in the cost of the heating installation have been achieved. It is anticipated that the design heat load will be reduced by at least 28% associated with the controls and re-commissioning, a further reduction of 4% was identified through minor fabric and infiltration improvement. Due to heat gain within the building, final energy consumption reductions are anticipated to significantly exceed the 32% peak design load reductions.

Services Provided:

Noel Lawler Green Energy have carried out energy saving measures in EPA laboratories Monaghan. We provided the following service. Energy survey and implementation of controls and commissioning improvements to the Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) installations, to resolve excessive energy cost / consumption within the facility and ongoing complaints about the thermal comfort in the office areas.

EPA Richview

EPA Richview


The re-commissioning of plant typically reduced consumed pump power by 60%. A revised controls strategy for the ventilation and heating design has been proposed that will potentially reduce the remaining HVAC electrical loads by approximately 40%. It is also anticipated that when implemented that there will be significant additional benefits in reduced heating costs and reduced complaints associated with thermal comfort.

Services Provided:

Energy survey and recommendations and re-commissioning of heating installation, to identify excessive energy cost / consumption within the facility and ongoing complaints about the thermal comfort in the laboratory areas.

The initial survey revealed the over-complex nature of the heating installation, poor implementation of controls to both the heating and the ventilation installation. The ventilation design which was intended to have demand based controls, to utilise the potential for reduced ventilation was only partially implemented in the original construction.

The initial service involved the provision, co-ordination and management of commissioning engineers to re-commission the installation to operate under a new low energy design regime.

Contact Noel Lawler Energy Solutions now to see how much we can save your laboratory.
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