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Energy costs are a significant overhead for many businesses. They are costs that are set to increase and directly impact on a business’s ‘bottom line’. In the past five years we have helped business owners save €10.2 million* in energy costs.

We are providing to a diverse portfolio of clients a cost effective and value driven solution to reducing their energy costs. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment methodology which provided a site specific opportunity assessment. We are uniquely positioned to carry out this analysis as we have in excess of 30 years designing and installing the mechanical and electrical systems which consume energy in a building.

It is this unique technical understanding that allows us to offer energy products our competitors will not. For example we offer ‘guaranteed savings’ schemes. This approach establishes guaranteed savings after our site assessment and in the case of performance guaranteed agreements we will reduce our fee proportionally based on any under performance of savings.

We can also assist in financing of projects for some clients through energy supply contracts or other methods.

In the past five years we have helped business owners save €10.2 million* in energy costs through our projects.

Following a site assessment we utilise a comprehensive suite of energy saving services appropriate to the sites need to develop your bespoke energy saving strategy and plan.

Energy savings and reduced costs are only a call away so start saving today.

*Based on net present values

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